Arizona Nail Polish



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Do you need some color? You will like this nail polish. Besides being cute, he is also a vegetarian and has not been tested on animals!

This professional grade nail polish is easy to apply, dry quickly, and provides you with bright and durable luster.

To achieve perfect results, please compare it with basic level and Finish layer.

Most nail polish sold in pharmacies and supermarkets contains a variety of toxic ingredients that may be harmful to you. In addition, although we often avoid sharing this information, many nail polish contains ingredients of animal origin. For example, sometimes the bright red pigment of insect cochineal insects or the guanine crystals of fish scales or chameleons are used to enhance the gloss and luster of cosmetics.

Bkind nail polish is "no 10", which means that they do not contain 10 toxic ingredients commonly found in popular nail polish. Therefore, they do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, DPB, xylene, p-hydroxybenzoate, spices, or animal products. Adopting them in your beauty program is beneficial for you, the environment, and animals!

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