Screening candle 8 oz by Floyer Inc

Flambette Inc


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Handmade, crackling candles use a cotton wick rather than a cotton rod, disseminating a pleasant crackle when combustion. Whether you are of the fruity, herbal or sweet type, you will find a fragrance that will please you among the Soya-based candles.

Usage tips

  • In order to consume more regularly, leave the candle lit until the entire surface is melted (minimum 1 hour);
  • Shorten the wick to about ¼ "before each use (break the burnt part or use a nail cutter). This prevents the flame from becoming too high and optimize its duration;
  • Do not leave any flammable debris in the candle (tips of locks, matches ...);
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets, and never leave unattended;
  • Avoid moving it when it is turned on or hot;
  • Turn off carefully and make sure it is good before leaving the room in which you have lit it;
  • If soot traces appear to the combustion of wooden locks, wipe with dry cloth and find its new appearance.

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