Harvesters eco-responsible blanket

Mini Tipi


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This blanket is an essential for your everyday life.

It's perfect for family picnics, camping and warming up around the campfire. At home, it makes a great throw to add to your decor and is big enough to put on your queen size bed. It is soft and easy to care for (machine washable).


Tsista Kennedy is an eighteen year old Onyota'aka Anichinabe artist from Beausoleil First Nation and Oneida Nation of the Thames. He uses the Woodland style and his experiences as an Aboriginal youth to create. 

''I hope my design will serve as an inspiration to other youth who begin to take an interest in the art of their nation.''


''When I created this cover for MINI TIPI, I didn't want to include the geometric patterns you see everywhere. I used the theme of wild rice harvesting that is practiced in my Anishinabe culture. I also used the Anishinabe patterns to create my design.

In September, at the harvest moon, the Ojibwe begin the harvest of wild rice. The harvest is done in pairs by using a long stick to beat the rice into the canoe. For the Ojibwe, wild rice was historically a staple food used to feed their families during the winter.


10% wool, 90% acrylic


Perfect blend that will last a long time while being machine washable. Wash in cold water and hang to dry.

Dimensions: 60 inches by 80 inches

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