The reversible, eco-responsible Nibi

Mini Tipi


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The perfect accessory for our country corner:

This poncho made of recycled fabric is perfect for spring, autumn and cool evenings. It will quickly become your chouchou accessory to keep warm with style. This woman's poncho also makes a perfect accessory in the autumn/winter wardrobe of a pregnant mother while keeping mother and her belly warm.

This poncho is definitely an essential thing you will keep forever.

The work Current by Nikki Shawana:

For generations, star quilts have been popular among Aboriginal communities. They are used in ceremonies
Gift exchange and are a symbol of protection. This quilt
Symbolizes our connection to the universe. Nikki has incorporated star designs
In honor of his Nancy-baa (grandmother). There are also Haudenosaunee domes to pay homage to her Mohawk husband. Anichinabated floral patterns complement this work.
50 % recycled acrylic, 30 % polyester, 20 % wool
A perfect mixture that will last a long time while being washable to the machine.
Wash in cold water and suspend to dry.

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