Wannabe nail polish by bkind



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Need a touch of color? This nail polish will please you. In addition to being adorable, it is vegan and not tested on animals!

This professional-grade nail polish applies easily, dries quickly and gives you a luminous and durable finish.

For an impeccable result, use it with the base layer and the finishing layer.

The majority of nail polish sold in pharmacies and large surfaces contain multiple toxic ingredients that can be harmful to you. In addition, although we often avoid sharing this information, several nail polish contain ingredients of animal origin. For example, the bright red pigment of the cochineal insect is sometimes used, or guanine crystals, coming from fish scales or chameleons, to add luster and gloss in cosmetic products.

BKIND nail polish are all "10-free", that is, they are exempt from 10 toxic ingredients that are normally found in popular nail polish. They therefore do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, dpb, xylene, parabens, perfumes or animal products. Adopt them in your beauty routine is beneficial for you, the environment and animals!

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