The skirt is synonymous with femininity...

Masterfully designed and made in Quebec, Le Local's skirts are ideal for all seasons. When finished at or above the knee, or shorter, the skirt slims the waist and can lengthen the leg. Long skirts, on the other hand, are prized for their bohemian-chic, all-purpose and, let's face it, comfortable look. Ladies, life is short: will you opt for a classic plaid skirt, a wool skirt to stay warm, a light cotton skirt for hot days, or a denim skirt for a great look? So many choices, so many choices...

How to choose a skirt?

We've put together a tool to help you determine the size that fits you best.

Kollontaï $128.00
Dinh Bá $140.00
Dinh Bá $146.00
Bodybag $145.00
Bodybag $145.00
Rien ne se perd $59.00