Care and beauty

Here is our Evantail of Quebec products for all your personal care needs.

All to have colorful and trendy nails ecolo.
Bar soaps for body, hair or shaving.
Moisturizing creams, other specific faces or for sensitive skin.
Products for personal care such as hair brushes, sponges and pissing stones.
In addition we offer a wide range of products to punctuate moments of relaxation such as milks, salts and bombings.

    Base Botanique $6.00
    Les savons Milca $7.95
    Quai des Bulles $20.00
    Gibou $16.00
    La Savonnerie des Diligences $7.99
    La Savonnerie des Diligences $19.99
    Flambette $30.00
    Savonnerie Saponaria $6.95