Tabatha winter boot


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On your boots, ready, go!

This is the beautiful Tabatha, a high impermeable winter boot and fully lined with real wool. The leather is dark marine and the top of the top is chocolate brown.

The boot combines leather (front of the boot) and suede (in the top and back of the boot) to give it a unique style. This tall boot fits easily and easily, without yaw, thanks to its zipper on the inside side of the boot.

But are these boots warm?

The Saute-Mouton boots are designed with the regular activities of winter life in Quebec. Getting out of snow, waiting for public transit, jamming a snowbank, walking and hearing theCrunchy Romantic snow under his steps. Yes they are hot! Up to 0 degrees celsius if you are immobile. If you move less than -15 degree celsius and in constant actions -25 degree celsius.


  • Leather and suede impermeable treated
  • Zipper adjustment on the side
  • Semen in natural icona
  • 100 % wool lining
  • Made in Quebec, Canada

Sheep boots require very little maintenance. A damp cloth is enough to remove salt stains. A shoe polish can be applied as required. Depending on the use, it is recommended to use an aerosol protector for leather. The bear or mink fats and oils are prohibited and cancel the warranty.


The Saute-Mouton boots are guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace the defective product within a short period of time. The guarantee of resistance to water does not apply to closures or ornaments.

* note that the top of the top is a darker brown than the one on the photos.

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