Nail polish box - P'tits care


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THIS TRIO 10-FREE Nail care includes the essential for an impeccable manicure that will hold the route for a long time.

Base layer : Fortifying and protective nail polish base, fast drying.
 : Helps your nails to stay solid and healthy.
Finishing layer : gives a bright, impeccable and durable finish.

3 x 15ml

 Why am I Kind

The majority of nail polish sold in pharmacies and large surfaces contain multiple toxic ingredients that can be harmful. In addition, although we often avoid sharing this information, several nail polish contain ingredients of animal origin. For example, the bright red pigment of the cochineal insect is sometimes used, or guanine crystals, coming from fish scales or chameleons, to add luster and gloss in cosmetic products.

Our nail polish are all 10 Free, that is, they are exempt from 10 toxic ingredients that are normally found in popular nail polish. They therefore do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, dpb, xylene, parabens, perfumes or animal products. Adopt them in a beauty routine is beneficial for the user, the environment and animals!

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