Relaxation box by saponaria

Savonnerie Saponaria


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A beautiful relaxation box with 6 xL bath bombs. The perfect box for the person who desires softness for the skin as well as exceptional escape and relaxation.

Each effervescent bomb is 100% vegan and made by hand. Hypoallergenic.

The cabinet includes 6 bombs of 175g

Pomme-grenade & petals: the fresh and succulent pomegranate apple with some roses petals for your romantic side. Simply irresistible.

Mountain breeze: Fresh, soft with a feeling of cleanliness from the pure air of the mountain after a rain.

Classic lavender: calm the mind and body while having properties that increase endurance and energy.

Sea salt: a crystalline freshness of sea and saline air. An aroma both relaxing, natural and fresh. A bath bomb worthy of the great spas.

Tangerine & grapefruit: energizing & edifying! Perfect for energizing and rejuvenating your senses. A fiesta of citrus fruits!

Sakura (Japanese cherry): The Japanese cherry blossom is the fresh air of spring merged with petals from Mimosa and Jasmine that accentuate its sweet scent.

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