Deodorant Vaporizer by Groom


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A deodorant at the height of your expectations. Powerful, comfortable, without traces ... and natural! The innovative formula performs a triple action on perspiration thanks to natural extracts:

  • of horseture and sage - acting on the sweating glands to reduce perspiration at the source;

  • probiotics - combating the appearance of bacteria causing odors;

  • castor - to hide any odors.

Forget the deodorants with aggressive odors and antiperspirants with aluminum salts. This spray deodorant combines several natural assets at the cutting edge of research in ecological chemistry.

In an optics of waste reduction, the 60 ml format with pump is rechargeable (recharge 120 ml available).

Elegant fragrance based on tea tree, cedar and eucalyptus.

Without aluminum salts, baking soda, petroleum derivatives or parabens.


Spray 1 to 3 pumps on clean and dry skin. Pass the rest of the day free spirit.

60 ml with pump

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