Garom moisturizing shower gel


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A moisturizing and soft shower gel for the skin, with invigorating aromas; a daily renewed pleasure.

The shower gel cleans and moisturizes your skin with the same gesture. Its moisturizing complex based on Jojoba and Aloe extracts reinforces the natural hydration of the skin, leaving it soft and healthy as soon as you exit from the shower.

Its combination of soft and biodegradable surfactants guarantees an abundant foam, which you used it by hand or the Houpette.

The shower gel is, like all Grooms, a concentrated formulation; A small amount is enough for your daily dose.

Fresh and invigorating aromas of cedar, lime and eucalyptus.


Apply a small amount on a sponge, a washcloth or in the hollow of your hand. Foam and apply on the body. Rinse. (and notice the difference on your skin!)

Volume: 240 ml / 8.1 fl. Oz.

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