Bar Shampoo - Tea tree and peppermint for colorful hair



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BKIND offers us its first bar shampoo that is suitable for colored hair!

This shampoo does not contain any sulphate, only natural ingredients that help keep the color, soften the scalp and maintain hydration. In addition, its smell is delicate and very refreshing!

Contains pomegranate apple extract; This has photoprotection properties, because oxidation can make the hair yellow.

55g (up to about 40 uses)

This shampoo does not contain silicone, nor any harmful ingredient for hair and for the planet!

In addition, the purchase of a bar shampoo is an ecological alternative to liquid shampoos since it comes in a small recyclable cardboard box. The shampoo box is also FSC certified (use responsible for forest resources).

This product, like all other BKIND products, is designed and manufactured in Montreal and is made of carefully chosen natural ingredients to bring the greatest benefits to all types of hair. Then, it is always designed without any form of animal cruelty.

The ink used on the boxes is vegetable; It contains vegetable oils unlike the toxic ink, which is of mineral origin.

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